Ale Rambar

I am a Costa Rican artist dedicated to the creation of three-dimensional works of art made with layers of paper.

Throughout my career as an architect I was struck by the beauty of topographic maps, their sinuosity and their ability to be transformed into three-dimensional elements. This became my artistic work, which is based on the topographic analysis of the human form through three dimensional compositions made with layers of paper. Each piece is created by analyzing human bodies topographically, just like a topographer would analyze mountains, valleys or rivers. Each piece is cut separately, layer by layer and then assembled by hand to create “human topographies”.

I use this technique to talk about issues of tolerance for the environment in which we live, for the people who live in it and for our representations of love. It is an artistic exploration in favor of equality, love, respect and sexual diversity, expressed in works of art that seek to open spaces for conversation.

For me, the function of art is to change society and to bring attention to problems that are part of our daily lives. In my case, I use my art to open conversations about the experiences of all kinds of people in regards to their sexual identity, or the discrimination they have felt due to it. This is something that I really consider necessary for our society to advance together.

As of 2020 I have had the honor of presenting my work in prestigious spaces such as the National Art Museum of China, the National Gallery of Costa Rica, the Museum of Cartago and several international biennials.

I also had the honor of designing the Award of Gender Equality of the European Union in Costa Rica; created a print that the Costa Rican Olympic Team used during the Inauguration of the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016.

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3 a.m., Sculpture in paper, 45x45cm


Citrus, Sculpture in paper, 45x45cm


Playing with dolls, Sculpture in paper, 120x120cm


I don’t want to wear my hair long, Sculpture in paper, 120x120cm


Detail of Like paper in water, Sculpture in paper, 122x244cm


Discovery, 2018, Sculpture in paper, 50x50cm


Filtered, Purified, Edited, Sculpture in paper, 45x45cm


Look Up, Sculpture in paper, 80x110cm


Rise Up, Sculpture in paper, 80x110cm


Torn, Sculpture in paper, 50x50cm


All images © Ale Rambar




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