Alessandra Tarnowski Mastrogiovanni

Brazilian but born in New York USA in May 30, 1967.  

Alessandra’s artworks questions the human body, the female, plants and insects. The question about our true nature, divine essence, energy and vibration. Passionate about drawing, she has a rare expressive talent using elegant color combinations.

Her work seduces us with its ever new, clear, sophisticated and original look. All this is supported by her Yoga practice.  For her, as important means of expression as her painting.

She traveled the real and the abstract, but it was at the meeting of the two that she discovered her style.  Always inspired by nature, when she lived in Bonito MS, a very wild place, she created works such as hanging sculptures and wall necklaces using Brazilian seeds, which she found in pastures and woods.

The human bodega recurring theme in my work reaches beyond the contours to see what happens internally…discover the paths of veins, bones and electricity.

I create, between doing and undoing…. marks like life my canvas  breathe. Transparencies, empty spaces, portals  through where you can go into an universe forever expanding.

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DREAMER  mixed media on canvas 140 x 120 cm
ORQUIDEA acrylics on canvas 170 x 120 cm
TWINS acrylics on canvas 140 x 145 cm
HEAD acrylics on canvas 171 x 137 cm
INVERTED acrylics on canvas 150 x 113 cm
BACK acrylics on canvas 140 x 110 cm
BEARD acrylics on canvas 104 x 140 cm
LONGILINEA acrylics on canvas 153 x 125 cm
SEATED acrylics on canvas 159 x 116 cm
LYING acrylics on canvas 108 x 144 cm

All images © Alessandra Tarnowski Mastrogiovanni


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