Amelia Johannsen

Amelia is a self-taught ceramic artist and craftswoman based in Barcelona, Spain. She creates both fine art and sculptural pieces as well as functional pottery for everyday use. Amelia strives to explore her creative limits with clay while at the same time maintaining a grounded practice based on tradition and craft.

Ceramics has played an integral part in Amelia’s life ever since she started playing with clay in Portland, Oregon, USA when she was 7 years old. It was the one activity she returned to time and time again, even while pursuing more traditional career paths.

Amelia’s profound connection with nature shines through in her work, combining contemporary design with colors and textures found in the great outdoors. She creates wild scenes from roaring beaches and hidden corners from pristine forests, reminding us that nature is never far away.

Decorative Ceramic Plates Collection


Ceramic Plates, Calm Sea


Ceramic Plates, Cosecha


Ceramic Plates, Ebb and Flow


Ceramic Plates, Jedda


Ceramic Plates, Kalinda


Ceramic Plates, Making Waves


Ceramic Plates, Splatter Beach


Ceramic Plates, Synchronicity


Ceramic Plates, Waking Dream


Ceramic Plates, Waves Crashing


All images © Amelia Johannsen



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