Artūras Tamašauskas

Hello, I am Artūras an artist from Lithuania, creating sculptures and assemblies from scrap metal.

For my work, I use things that are no longer needed by anyone or fragments of them, which can be found in scrap metal shops or flea markets. Thanks to my imagination, they take on a new form, as if they are reincarnated, transformed and become a new body already in artistic expression. I feel a kind of relief when I resurrect an object with its history already doomed to destruction. I always try to ensure that the character I create carries a positive emotional charge and a sense of surprise.

I am a member of the Artists’ Union. I show my work, advertise mainly on the Internet, but participate in personal and group exhibitions and projects. My works have been acquired by art lovers from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, the USA, Australia and China.

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WHITE WHALE, 48x46cm
WINCH, 70x29x20cm
MEDUSA, 88x36x35cm
FROG “ RICO”, 28x32x30cm
MANTIS, 90x37x55cm
KNIGHT KING, 70x55x45cm
CACTUS, 40x30x22cm
ROBOT WARRIOR, 48x46x30cm
IKEBANA VASE, 56x22x22cm
KNIGHT, 30x17x13cm

All images © Artūras Tamašauskas



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