Bruno is a young painter of 50 years; he really started 4/5 years ago, like a snub, a catharsis to release emotions.  Pure self-taught, simple lover of art and beauty in general, it was a real trigger, a passion, an almost daily need to try to grasp a look, a stroke, and a sensation.

Artist’s statement:

Interested and inspired by Pop Art, Street Art, Impressionism, I like to work fairly large canvases with acrylic which are most often joyful, very colorful, with drips, movement, tasks, collages, tags, of order and chaos.  The sun and light are elements that I try to capture in my latest paintings.

I paint almost exclusively portraits. My favorite topics are celebrities, monkeys and POP GIRL a series of beautiful, sparkling, funny and sensual young women with always a little bit of madness.

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(LOLLY) POP GIRL 2, acrylics on canvas, 80×80 (2020)

POP GIRL 6 Don’t forget, acrylics on canvas, 80×80 cm (2021)

POP GIRL 1, acrylics on canvas, 80X80 cm (2020)

POP GIRL 10 Sunny2, acrylics on canvas, 90×90 cm

SAVE US 1, acrylics on canvas, resin, 72×93 cm, (2019) SOLD

SAVE US 3, acrylics on canvas, resin, 90×90 (2021)

BEAUTIFUL !!, acrylics on canvas, 80×80 (2020)

POP GIRL 8 Money curlers!!, acrylics on canvas, 80×80 (2021)

POP GIRL 11 Bohemia, acrylics on canvas, resin, 80X80cm (2021)

BULLIT SPIRIT, acrylics on canvas, 80×80 (2021)

All images © Bruno Degrenne


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