Didier PLANE

Habiter Demain / Live Tomorrow

A short Biography

As a graduate Architect and urban planner, I am now retired after more than half a century of architectural practice in many countries. These different projects gave me the opportunity to work with Architects like Hassan FATHY (Egypt / Brick of raw), Oscar NIEMEYER (Brazil) in Algeria for the University of Constantine with concrete and especially Kisho KUROKAWA (Japan / Museums / Airports / Habitat) with which I was associated for many years.

Nomade3 is the continuation of a reflection initiated by Kisho KUROKAWA in the early 1970s when he proposed and build The NAKAGIN Capsules Tower in Tokyo. Until his death in October 2007 we never stopped working together on the search for alternatives, except that for me it could not be Concrete …

These experiences haves nourished many reflections on our way of living and the growing dichotomy between our current production and the real needs of people.

From this long years of reflection was born in February 2007 an architectural concept filed under the name of NOMADE3 (Cube) and protected by the code of intellectual property by Didier PLANE Architect DPLG.

Moving from handicraft (current production in all its forms is costly in time and money) to industrial production so that a modular, mobile and energy-self-sufficient housing becomes accessible to the greatest number like does Henry FORD with cars at the beginning of 1900s.

After more than twenty years of efforts, 2005 has finally seen article L433 inscribed in the code of French Urbanism… This article allows us to use NOMADE3 in an almost unlimited places and situations… It is this different possibility that I try to imagine with my drawings and paintings…

It is difficult today to speak of autonomy and mobility in architecture when concrete has invaded the act of building on a global scale and has definitively anchored us in an irreversible sedentarisation with the costly solutions that we are beginning to discover: rural exodus, real estate costs, climate change, pandemics, etc., etc. We cannot imagine building tomorrow with the solutions of the past… We must change our way of thinking!

Faced with the multiple difficulties in advancing a different way of living while real estate as it exists today is considered worldwide as the valor refuge par excellence… So much interest is at stake that nothing changes…

… I decided in 2017 to move away from files, offices, meetings computers and 3D imaging to continue this work in book form and illustrations of this concept with painting on canvas and drawings on paper

Only one objective: to express and convince that other modes of living are possible and necessary.

I am well aware that artistic conventions and the hierarchy of genres have never used painting as a medium to illustrate an architectural concept …

It is however this difficult path that I chose to explore because the images are understandable by all individuals and at all ages …

Would I have the chance to meet partners to move from a paper architecture to the realization of real autonomous and connected mobile living prototypes that we can pose as usable sculptures in deliberately chosen landscapes ???


Spring Lover’s– 2021, Aquarelle + Gouache sur papier 100 % Coton 300 Grs,  76 cm x 56 cm

Télétravailleur de Villes – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier Artisanal 100 % Coton 300 Grs ,76 cm x 56 cm – 4 Bords Fortement Frangés

Télétravailleurs des Glaces 05 – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier 100 % Coton 300 Grs 76 cm x 56 cm, 4 Bords Frangés

Changement Climatique – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier 250 Grs 106 cm x 106 cm

Télétravailleurs des Glaces 03 – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier 100 % Coton 300 Grs 76 cm x 56 cm – 4 Bords Frangés

Télétravailleurs des Villes – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier 100 % Coton 640 Grs 76 cm x 56 cm – 4 Bords Frangés

Le Poinçonneur des LILLAS 1 – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier 100 % Coton 300 Grs 75 cm x 105 cm, 2 Bords Frangés

Télétravailleurs des plages – 2020, Aquarelle sur papier Arches 100 % Coton 300 Grs 42 cm x 66 cm

Sculpture Ephémère 1 – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier 100 % Coton 640 Grs 76 cm x 56 cm, 4 Bords Frangés

Le Poinçonneur des LILLAS 2 – 2021, Aquarelle sur papier 100 % Coton 300 Grs 75 cm x 105 cm, 2 Bords Frangés

All images © Didier PLANE


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