Don Perley

Don is a self-taught artist who has been creating oil paintings and painted relief collage constructions for over forty years. His work is improvisational, complex and layered. It reveals its secrets slowly. His style tends toward the raw and rough, the untaught. But just as in untamed nature, in this work the raw and rough, upon close observation, are also delicate, soothing and healing.

Typically, an artwork by Don has no center point of focus and so the eye is pushed around, drawn from one passage to the next on a journey of lovely surprises.

What the artist is creating are arenas and conditions for colors and materials to display their properties freely and combine in unplanned and joyous ways. He is not trying to create “art” so much as celebrating spontaneous life springing out of pure color. This is direct painting, direct expression and direct communication.

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Red Mountain_oil_abstract
Red Mountain, Oil

Spirit Wheel_oil_abstractjpg
Spirit Wheel, Oil

How We Found Our Way_oil_abstract
How We Found Our Way, Oil

The Colorworks_oil_abstract
The Colorworks, Oil

Evermore, Oil

Come Away_oil_abstract
Come Away, Oil

The Watching Window_oil_abstract
The Watching Window, Oil

Judgment Day_oil_abstract
Judgment Day, Oil

Hothouse, Oil

Theory of Everything_oil_abstract
Theory of Everything, Oil

All images © Don Perley


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