Héctor Acevedo

I was born in Lima in 1963.

In 1986, I was admitted to Peru’s Advanced Autonomous School of Fine Arts (Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Peru – ENSABAP) to study drawing and painting, while continuing studies in civil engineering at the National University of Engineering (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería – UNI).

Both majors involved a very specific set of aptitudes and helped shape different life perspectives for me as a future artist. Between the demands of my engineering studies and my vital commitment to art, in the midst of a complex decision I ended up choosing to work in the field of plastic arts, where I found my true vocation and personal satisfaction.

 I currently live in the city of Ciudad Real, Spain.

Artist Statement 

In painting I have worked with oil, for a while I used beeswax and now, I use mixed technique (oil and acrylic).  My subject matter is varied with some glimpses of surrealism and magical realism. I also make sculptures modeled in clay and then cast them in bronze. I tend to use automatism at the beginning of a work, for me it is impossible to work on a blank canvas, for this reason, I stain the canvas unconsciously to then extract some figurative forms and make them more defined, I do not usually make previous sketches. Then my work becomes more analytical and reflective in a conscious way, this is where symbols, metaphors and associations appear.

I think that my work is innovative because it has a very personal symbology drawn from my life experience, in it I give special emphasis to the looks of the characters absent of mouth, absence that is covered with the coca leaf, used in high Andean rituals to communicate with the unknown world of the gods. Another peculiar characteristic in my work is the luminosity of the colors and the stylization. Through these long years of pictorial experience, it has a peculiar handling of color, through glazes I am interested in achieving more intensity, brightness and expressive force to color. At the same time, I look for harmonies and a symbolic language.

My inspiration comes from the language of dreams. Since I was very young my relationship with them comes through my mother, she used to tell her dreams in the mornings, at breakfast time, which in some cases were premonitory and for me they were dreams rich in symbols and images, which I was nourished by this symbology and relate them to certain personal codes. Then I became a kind of dream interpreter for my family. This familiarization with symbology is what allows me to develop my work.

The intention is to transmit through metaphor and symbolism, sensations, ideas, reflections on different themes, each work is delimited in a different context. I want the viewer to reflect on a specific theme and enrich the work with different conclusions.  

In the future I would like to continue perfecting my technique in color and delve deeper into the symbolic language of dreams.

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SELFIE CON UN MINOTARO, Técnica mixta (Oleo y acrílico sobre lienzo) de 150 x 150 Cm.

SCARLET HORSE, Mixed technique (Oil and acrylic on canvas) of 39.40 x 39.40 Inches

EL BRINDIS, Técnica mixta (Oleo y acrílico sobre lienzo) de 100 x 100 Cm.

NIGHT HORSES, Mixed technique (Oil and acrylic on canvas) of 39.40 x 39.40 Inches

HORSE TO THE WIND, Bronze sculpture 16.92 Inches (High) X 18.90 Inches (Width) X 12.20 Inches (Depth),  Weight: 37 Pounds

JUGGLER, Bronze sculpture 16.55 Inches (High) X 8.30 Inches (Width) X 9.06 Inches (Depth), Weight: 34 Pounds

SUMMER DREAM, Mixed technique (Oil and acrylic on canvas) of 39.40 X 31.50 Inches

A SUMMER DAY, Mixed technique (Oil and acrylic on canvas) of 31.50 X 47.25 Inches

AMAZON, Mixed technique (Oil and acrylic on canvas) of 39.40 X 78.80 Inches

PROTOCOLO DEL MINOTAURO, Tecnica mixta, 150 x 150 Cm 

All images © Héctor Acevedo


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