Ji aime Art

Born in 1988, in West Indies, Jean Marie Permal, alias Ji Aime Art is a contemporary French painter. He has been a self-taught artist for 19 years, moving from realism to surrealism through several different styles. Ji Aime Art is inspired by his various travels and shares moments in the life of the many cultures that surround us.
He paints in oil and acrylic on different mediums.

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Sinner, Acrylique sur toile, 70/40 cm, 2021

David, Huile sur cuir, 120/120 cm, 2020

Lioness, Acrylique sur toile, 100/100 cm, 2022

Vivid, Acryliques sur toile, 30×30 cm, 2022

Lou, Acryliques sur toile, 20×20 cm, 2022

Autoportrait, 72×46 cm, Acryliques sur toile, 2022

Grâce, 110×80 cm, huile sur bois, 2020

Who is she, 80×50 cm, huile sur toile, 2020

Free, 70×40 cm, huile sur toile, 2014

Animals are the real owner of the nature, 80×80 cm, huile sur bois, 2017


All images © Ji aime Art


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