Kevin Quinn

Kevin is an internationally published self-taught Contemporary Artist and Photographer that specializes in Abstract Architecture Photography. Kevin’s photography focuses on urban architecture as abstract forms and finds human qualities that they possess. Kevin’s Architecture Art has been published six years in a row, in several world-wide magazines and has sold his artwork nationally.

Kevin has been published in Amateur Photographer Magazine, Photography Week Magazine, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Yes We Are Magazine, Envira Gallery, Photos Worth Seeing, Abstract Daily, The Photographer’s Society, Camera Raw and Voyage Atlanta Magazine.

“I am constantly doing my art: photography and painting.  When my brain gets tired from one, I switch to the other.  It helps me reset and keep things fresh.  Sometimes I take a break from both and have realized that even though I am not physically doing it, I’m still creating because I’m thinking about it.   Creating and executing aren’t necessarily simultaneous.”

Kevin is from Philadelphia, PA; his artwork has gone out to cities all across the United States to companies and private collectors.

Kevin incorporates many different styles into his architecture photography including elements of POP Art, Digital Art, Portrait and Street Photography and has over 750 pieces in his portfolio.

“I’m presenting buildings in a different way. I’m exploring the human condition through inanimate objects and communicating that through abstract contemporary architecture photography.”

Kevin never takes a photo of an entire building. He focuses on parts rather than the whole. He has learned in life that beautiful parts or moments will eventually create a beautiful life as a whole.




A Bridge To Us




Orange Crush


Picnic In The Park With You


Fields of Gold


The Courage Within


Great White Sharks


Miracle on Market Street


In The Journey


Painting With Descartes


All images © Kevin Quinn




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