Lorenzo Linthout

Born in 1974 in Verona, city where he lives. He started photographing at the age of sixteen; when he was twenty four years old he graduated at the Faculty of Architecture “Biagio Rossetti” at the University of Ferrara. In the recent years he has exposed, both personal and collective, at more than one hundred exhibitions in Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovenija, Croatia and Albania. In February 2017 he published the book “Architectural visions”, in August 2018 the book “The silent cities”, in September 2019 the book “Abandoned places” and in May 2020 “Vertical buildings”.

Sky and minimal architecture

The architecture is sublimated in the images implying spaces that should be inhabited but that appear here as tracks of a printed circuit board, united by a refined and linear design, through a work of photographic deprivation, subtraction and negation, to bring them back to a lexical sobriety, to an absence of structural noise, of stylistic redundancy. The shots are made almost unrecognizable by the estrangement of any visual disturbance and from everything that belongs to reality, cleaned and stripped of any contextual trace and excess of form. Thus stripped, these architectures appear “not deafening”, always illuminated by the light of heaven that becomes an aseptic background and is the silence that is responsible for enhancing the relationship between the volume and the gap perfectly stuck and proportionate to the extent of half to each of them.

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Berlin (Germany)


Milano (Italy)


Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


San Donato Milanese (Italy)


Basel (Switzerland)


Bolzano (Italy)


Basel (Switzerland)


Bolzano (Italy)


Torino (Italy)


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