Magda Chudzik

Magda  – a Polish urban and landscape photographer, now based in Krakow, Poland. She is a creative graphic designer by trade and a technical physicist by education. However, it is photography that has been her greatest passion since 2010.

Her adventure with photography has started from landscapes, mainly from the area of southern Poland and northern Slovakia. Over time, she swayed to urban photography in black-and-white, taking pictures in Krakow as well as in the whole East-Central Europe. All along, she has had the desire to look for minimalism and geometry around her, follow beauty and capture it in the shot for longer.

With time, she has been developing as a photographer and mastering her skills in that field, establishing her own style and the way to present reality. She likes to re-define her surroundings, frequently showing simple elements in an unusual way. In her pieces, she works with light and clear forms, vesting my photos with a dose of nostalgia. She knows that she can find endless sources of inspiration in everyday situations. She constantly sets new goals, ambitiously moves forward and wants to develop further.

Photography gives her unlimited room for action. Thanks to it she can express herself and work creatively. It is a process, not only a product. And although she often needs to wait long for full satisfaction with her pictures, she appreciates every moment when she can capture the charm of everyday life – unseen by others many a time. Even though she constantly attempts to test new forms, she is still charmed with each and every foggy morning and presenting leisurely, magnificent vibe of that time – in the city and out of town.

Her vision of the world has been recognized in many photography contests and competitions. She has also created two landscape photography exhibitions and also her photos have appeared at collective exhibitions both in Poland and abroad.













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