Markus Schaub

Artist and designer, born 1960, lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.

After studying at the Zurich University of the Arts, he worked as a lecturer at the University of the Arts in Bern. This was followed by international project commissions for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, FDFA, Art in Architecture and Art in Public Space, projects as well as research work and various exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.

Photopaintings | Love Affair

A hybrid of photography and painting

The idea for the “Love Affair” photo project came about in autumn 2017.

In this project, I wanted to use the Smartphone camera to find quaint, poetic imagery that contrasts with the usual images taken around the globe by the millions every day with the Smartphone and then disseminated on social networks as narcissistic staging of one’s self.

“For me, the Smartphone camera is like a brush that I can use as a simple instrument. This gives me the opportunity to concentrate on the motifs and not to be dependent on elaborate photographic technology”.

The pictures taken show mirrored rooms, landscapes and atmospheric pictorial content, which, through their poetic play of colors and forms, allow a diverse reading.

The Concept

Using a Smartphone to find images that are only available for a short time, for example when I am very close to an object or take a photo through something, is a joyful discovery of the otherwise invisible.



Photopaintings Love Affair#18


Photopaintings Love Affair#88


Photopaintings Love Affair#109


Photopaintings Love Affair#120


Photopaintings Love Affair#129


Photopaintings Love Affair#146


Photopaintings Love Affair#115


Photopaintings Love Affair#121


Photopaintings Love Affair#118


Photopaintings Love Affair#148


All images © Markus Schaub



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