Marta de los Pájaros

Barcelona, 1984

Her work stems from the synergies arisen by the Humanities-Art pairing. She understands collage as a means through which she can elaborate a disruptive discourse, set up new unities of meaning and create unrevealed spaces drawn from an accurate selection, de-contextualization and refra­ming of material that is part of our collective imagination. The driving force of her artwork falls on the exegetical translation inherent to all of her projects, from which she carries out an exhaustive study regarding a text or a conceptual topic and elaborates a discourse that is thoroughly translated into an image or visual composition. The dialectical reciprocity between text and image always remains at the core of her artistic production: compositions that project unprecedented scenarios, which although dreamlike in appearance, remain discursively linked to a reality sustained both by the text/s in which they are inspired and by the images selected to represent it. She surgically interweaves graphic material of disparate nature, creating pieces of an overflowing intentionality that appeal the viewers’ imaginary and drive it towards a reflective space/time embedded, in turn, in the fine line that keeps reality apart from its possible alternatives.

Digital Collages

La miel en el tacto
Digital collage, 2019
La fiel compañía
Digital collage, 2019
Mother’s Day
Digital collage, 2019
International Women’s Day
Digital collage, 2019

Collage | Mixed Media | Paper Art

La gestación de una consciencia panteísta
Collage on paper and wood, 2018
Life Size Mirror
Collage on paper, 2020
Cartografía de una resistencia ontológica
Collage on paper, 2019
Botanical Thoughts
Collage on paper, 2020
Silence in the language of my blue Songbirds
Collage on paper, 2019

All images © Marta de los Pájaros



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