Michiko Chiyoda

I like to explore the world around me and my inner world. I learn what is there and deepen my thoughts. In my photography, My personal experiences often motivate me to start creating works. Eventually, it leads me to the fundamental theme of our life and I want to express what I think and get from there. Hopefully, I will be able to convey messages to people all over the world, beyond countries and races, which resonate deeply with souls.

Project: Starting a New Journey

Japanese traditional handmade paper

Archival pigment print

Email : michikochiyoda@gmail.com

URL : http://michikochiyoda.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/michiko_chiyoda/


Sutra written for mother
from “Starting a New Journey-03“


from “Starting a New Journey-05“


Special place of mourning
from “Starting a New Journey-09“


Unforgettable memory
from “Starting a New Journey-12“


Last drive
from “Starting a New Journey-01“


Her existence become a part of my memory
from “Starting a New Journey-19“


Sorrow with mixed feelings
from “Starting a New Journey-07“


Tomorrow’s flower
from “Starting a New Journey-18“


An old woman who looked like mother
from “Starting a New Journey-14“


I thought what does mourning mean
from “Starting a New Journey-11“



All images © Michiko Chiyoda




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