Mikheil Arbolishvili

Free artist Mikheil Arbolishvili was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Graduate Tbilisi State Academy of Arts 2008.

“There is huge story behind any painting,

you need to observe the painting for two minutes

and then you will discover the story.”

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“Bicycle with the Man” 50x55cm Oil on canvas
“Chronicles of Kartli” 100x120cm. Oil on Canvas
“Goblins Castle” 50x35cm. Oil on Canvas
“Peacock dream” 55x61cm Oil on Canvas
“Matterhorn” 61x70cm Oil on canvas
“Bomb Head” 91×70 cm Oil on canvas
” Morning” 100×100 cm. Acrylic on Cardboard
“Neptune” 50×90 cm Oil on canvas
“Somewhere There” 30x41cm. oil on Canvas
“why not?!” 105x220cm. Oil on canvas

All images © Mikheil Arbolishvili


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