London based artist SnowSkull is an intuitive, self-taught creative, focusing primarily on contemporary abstract painting, but with a growing portfolio of video, music and mixed-media collaborations.

As a visual Artist, SnowSkulls work takes the form of rich, textured tapestries, characterized by bold colors and fluid forms set against stark atmospheric backgrounds. Conceptually, his paintings’ explore dreams, dream-states and the vivid, hyper-real aesthetics of the space between wakefulness and sleep.

Having previously collaborated on a range of musical projects before focusing on the visual medium, SnowSkull’s personal and artistic roots in writing and performing music now bear fruit in his role as Creative Director of Sleep/Walk/Listen. His artwork has adorned a wide array of digital and vinyl releases from emerging musicians and producers across the Globe.

The name ‘SnowSkull’ was derived from a poem by one of his favorite poets Gregory Corso entitled ‘Death’. He portrays the contrast between the purity of the snow and the macabre definition of the skull, showing the light (life) and darkness (death) in his work. It’s interesting that people’s perception of the skull are usually negative and related to death. Whereas SnowSkull believes that we carry our skulls in everyday life as protection for our brains – where our imagination and creativity originate.

SnowSkull’s body of works boast a wide range of video, music and mixed-media collaborations that have been recognized and celebrated internationally by the likes of the BBC, Vice, Sony Music and Australian based publisher Capsules Book.

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Sound From Shaped Hollows (2018) Digital Manipulation


The Autotelic Self (2018) Digital Manipulation


Gossamer (2019) Digital Manipulation


Lotus-Eater (2017) Digital Manipulation


We Play Bodies – Stop // Start (2011) Acrylic on Canvas


We Play Bodies – Full Vital Motion (2011) Acrylic on Canvas


Watershed (2018) Digital Manipulation


Nubivigant (2016) Acrylic on Canvas


Escapism (2017) Digital Manipulation


Cynosure (2015) Digital Manipulation


All images © SnowSkull



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