Sonja Brzak

Painting is my life, my profession, my existence. Passion is my initiator, and empty space for me is a fairy tale. I immerse myself in it, with my thoughts and spirit. Strong color accompanies my painting and I am not a slave to one theme or motif. The phases in my work are a reflection of my restless spirit. Portraits, abstraction, landscapes … I wake up thinking about painting, I lie down thinking about painting. Or the next painting.

I am a professional, I participate in several auctions and sell paintings through several online galleries. It is always a pleasure to beautify someone’s space with my painting. And there are really many of them all over Europe and the world.

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TURNING POINT, 70×50 ,oil on canvas

TURNING POINT IV, 100×70, oil on canvas

NUDE II, 100×70, oil on canvas

DIABOLICAL, 70×50, oil on canvas

MOROCO II, 90×70, oil on canvas

BACK TO FUTURE, 100×70, oil on canvas

COMPROMISE, 80×60, oil on canvas

MOVEMENT II, 90×90, oil on canvas

IMAGINATION II, 90×90, oil on canvas

PINK PANTHER, 90×70, oil on canvas

All images © Sonja Brzak


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