Yvonne de Wit

Yvonne studied Fine Art in the Netherlands and lives since 21 years in South Africa.

Mesmerized by the colorful pallet of the Overberg Mountains she began to collect earth minerals. After a few Land Art projects she started to combine her collection of earth particles with copper, brass and Sterling Silver into pieces of jewelry that reflect the land in a different way. 

Each piece is an ode to Mother Earth.

Her jewelry is recognized by a growing number of jewelry collectors around the globe for their design originality and the use (combination) of natural resources.

Yvonne de Wit Jewellery @ http://yvonnedewit.wordpress.com and  http://studioon98.art

Instagram:  @yvonnedewitjewelry

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/downtoearthanno1955

Email: yvonnedewit@twk.co.za

98 Sarel Cilliers Street

7270 Napier, Western Cape, South Africa


All images © Yvonne de Wit



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