Bharat Patel #2

Bharat’s interest in photography goes back to his early years as a teenager. However, for the last 20 years, photography has become his passion, embracing its many genres but always looking to explore the diverse nature of humanity. He has amassed a large collection of images, some of which are available as books. This series of alluring images are from his black and white portraits of individuals from African tribes.  

Bharat is an Indian born photographer now living in Oxford, UK. He has lived in four different continents with vastly different cultures. From a young age, his inclination to connect everything has had an influence on his photography. In his images there is a strong element of the sitter observing the viewer, creating tension between the two. His images have earned him many awards and have been exhibited in various galleries.  

Underlying influence in Bharat’s photography is his upbringing in the British colonies and his exposure to different cultures and social structures, experiencing the blurred boundaries between race and caste.  

By removing the colored cloaks, his images lay bare the subjects and show their inner selves.  

All images are available as Giclee prints on matt or semi-gloss paper.  




Dassanech Girl
Karo Boy and Girl
Karo Woman with Child
Nguendelengo Teenager
Nguendelengo Woman
Tribal Girl
Dassanech Elder
Muacaona Girl
Mukuban Man
Mutua Girl

All images © Bharat Patel



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