Ava Sol

Ava is a creatrix who enjoys uniting seeming opposites. She is fascinated by the creative impulses that move through her and translates them into art using images and words.

Her photo series “Unite” marries fine art self portraits with plants with inspired lines to show the unity between humans and nature, sexuality and spirituality. The photographs depict the strength and the vulnerability of the human body, complemented by the life force of the natural world we so long to return to/connect anew.

Ava loves simplicity and minimalism, and she believes that life can be a joyous harmonious flow once we tune into our natural rhythm and remember who we truly are. Her art has been described as beautiful, sublime, elegant, sensual and powerful.

Website:  https://avasol.live

More of “Unite”:  https://avasol.live/category/unite/

Prints:  https://avasol.darkroom.tech


All images © Ava Sol



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