Mariana San Martin

Brazilian, graduated in Visual Arts with a major in Graphic Design in 2012 at Universidade Federal de Pelotas, worked for a few years in the advertising field before dedicating herself entirely to art, in 2016. Works and lives in Rio de Janeiro, dedicating her practice to studying and exploring ideas related to how we build our personalities through our experiences and the passage of time.

“Observing, interpreting and wondering about people in general was always something that I liked doing. I often question myself about what it takes to build a human being and found in my work with art a way to study and develop ideas in that matter.

Realizing that all the moments we live, planned or not, are what make us into who we are has led me, very naturally, to thinking about reactions, interferences and memory. We are, after all, an infinity of overlapping moments, perceptions and ideas.

Experimenting with different materials and letting chance take place is a way of mimicking, in my pieces, the natural way we humans are shaped through life. Conscious choices, slow and very aware movements mix with loose gestures and uncontrolled experimentation producing a conversation between action and reaction, choices and chance.

I find myself in Figurative Neo-expressionism, searching a social identity by observing my surroundings and recognizing other’s perceptions in the making of my own.”

Things he doesn’t see in the mirror
Acrylic paint, graphite, water, salt and glue on canvas, 2020
90×160 cm
Things I don’t see in the mirror
Acrylic paint, graphite, soft pastels, water, paper, glue on canvas, 2020
120×150 cm
Tell me something I don’t know
Acrylic paint and plastic on canvas, 2020
110×130 cm
Sopros 2
Tracing paper, graphite and golden thread inside glass bottle, 2019
18x18x28 cm
Sopros 3
Tracing paper, graphite and thread inside glass container, 2019
15x15x30 cm
Graphite, tracing paper and Paraná paper on foam board, 2019
30×34 cm
Jazz 2
Acrylic paint, graphite and tracing paper on paper, 2019
30×30 cm
Visible silences
Acrylic paint, soft pastels, graphite, tracing paper, salt, glue and water on canvas, 2020
90×160 cm
She is beautiful
Acrylic paint, soft pastels, water, graphite and tracing paper on canvas, 2020
120×150 cm
Acrylic paint, spray paint, graphite, Posca pen and tracing paper on panel, 2017
80×100 cm

All images © Mariana San Martin



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