Brad Gray

I enjoy the process of applying layered paint through glazes, sanding, spraying and scraping back and then rebuilding to form a rich history and ‘web’ of steps both forward and back.

My work references a world we live in, but also one not entirely of our own. I often focus on the dualities of life and the contradictions within us sometimes with a spiritual leaning. At times I play with words to stimulate content and have a strong narrative observing the absurdity and Pathos of a situation.

I’ve been moving, settling, moving on and travelling most of my life and my experiences gathered along the way have formed a vast library of ideas which I refer back to and incorporate into my work.


Held (Framed), oil on canvas, 30x35cm, £750
The moon and Six Pounds, oil on canvas, 30x30cm, £500
Confession, oil on canvas, 88x88cm, £2200
Glowing report, oil on aluminium, 25x20cm, £650
Left, oil on canvas, 40x40cm, £1100
As Purr Usual, oil on Aluminium, 50x50cm, £650
Forest Zeitgeist, oil on canvas, 20x35cm, £500
Eins Zwei Drei FEAR, oil on canvas, 31x60cm, £2100
Discussing the Big Bang on a plain, oil on Canvas, 160x180cm, £7500
Grand Canary, oil on canvas, 40cmx58cm, £1400

All images © Brad Gray



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