Daniel Munteanu

Born 26.01.1981. University of Bucharest, College of Philology, study of Romanian-English languages, International Academy of Design&Technology Toronto
Visual Artist – 3D Graphics (environment, landscape) and Digital Photography ( impressionist, staged-set, conceptual, nature, abstract)
Visual artist skilled in many digital visual areas, specializing in fine art staged and studio photography, (Ikebana-like fantasy arrangements photographed with artificial lighting), creative photography and impressionist photography using ICM.

Previous experience in visual arts in the field of 3D computer graphics and landscape environments. In late years adding skills in music videos creation (filming, editing) and experimental short films (visual poems), along with creative writing, voice-over and sound design.

For the last five years working at the Transience impressionist project, traveling in different cities and natural settings in Europe, experimenting and shooting more than 80.000 images for this project alone, with the goal of turning photographed reality into fantastical paintings.

Awards and honorable mentions at international photo competitions, such as IPA, International Color Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, MIFA, TIFA, Pollux Awards. In group exhibitions in America, England, Spain. Solo exhibitions in Romania and Japan.

Transience Photography Project

My work moves the focus of photography from capturing images of this reality to creating photographs of different worlds and styles. It mutates photography from the real to the fantastical, from the ‘what is’ to the ‘what it can become’ through imagination, inventing the image instead of using the ready-made, crafting a photograph that depicts reality in an unreal or surreal way.

That is achieved through developing carefully planned images and using the ICM technique on a variety of subjects: city/street photography, directing portrait staged sets, exploring the elements of water and fire and experimenting with catching light on different materials, such as in the Celestial Fission series.

One of the defining things that place a photograph as being an artifact depicting a slice of reality, a copy of reality in a way, is the clarity of the lines and all the details that resemble the thing actually photographed. Now, substitute that with the photographer’s ‘stroke’ (as in painting), in order to photograph reality in a way that it no longer looks palpable, but more like we are made of mist, particles or light waves. A true photograph, straight from the camera, that depicts reality in an unreal way.

Images are from Celestial Fission series and Water Abstracts series.

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Celestial Fission 01


Celestial Fission 03


Celestial Fission 05


Water Abstracts 03


Water Abstracts 04


Water Abstracts 07


Celestial Fission 07


Celestial Fission 08


Celestial Fission 02


Celestial Fission 10


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