Bridget Bradley

Bridget is a prolific painter, acrylics on canvas or paper with a passion for creating art. Her art is a healing experience. Her method, an authentic alchemy of merged feelings and energy into the marks, strokes, colours, layers and spatters, enabling the sharing of voice, emotions and stories through each artwork. These emotive, abstract expressions are amplified with bold palettes often mixed as she paints on the canvas, producing unique colour combinations, blending and often thick layers. She is approached by international art galleries, group exhibited and has completed two body of work collections in addition to other artworks. Bridget’s paintings have soul and appear to pop from the wall, transferring a positive energy. Bridget is New Zealand born and is currently in Hong Kong creating abstract expressionism art and other exclusive collections. Bridget is a professional artist with her artworks at the online gallery Artwork Archive.

Artist Mission
There is no control in my artwork. I feel as though I am completely free of any restraints to what the norm should be. My process is spontaneous and I paint unique concepts, emotions, memories and ideas, coming from deep within. My works are primarily unstructured with a touch of the urban, graffiti style marks and street art. I admire the works of Jackson Pollock.
I like to be connected to my feelings and I do this by being in touch with nature, friends, family, adventure and animals. I think it’s important to explore our perceptions beyond what we think we are limited to, to always strive to see things from another perspective and to be open-minded to the world.
The aim of my art is to invite people to feel and express more, to be more connected to life and nature, to explore and to use their imagination. I understand that at times this can be hard to do, especially in today’s society with technology taking over more and more.
I feel that it is time to take a step back from the constant bombardment of flashing lights and phones and to look at the world from a different perspective rather than the way society conditions us.
I welcome people that like the different, the one of a kind, to explore and enjoy my art, including those black sheep, odd ducks, the rejects, the eccentrics, the loners and the free spirits. By creating my art with feeling and intuition rather than painting what I see, I leave it up to my viewers to choose what they want to perceive in my art rather than it being a set picture.
The point is to use your imagination, to let go, to feel free and to simply have fun! My art uniquely produces emotion within you and leaves you with a new perspective.

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DRIPS I (2021) – 72w x 35h x 4d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

NIGHT AT THE CARNIVAL (2021) – 24w x 30h x2d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

STELLAR, 2/3 Black Hole Triptych (2021) – 24w x 30h x1.5d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

OXYTOCIN 1, 6/13 The Brain Series (2021) – 51w x 61h x 4d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

ACID, 1/13 The Brain Series (2021) – 61w x 61h x4d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

PINK LAKE (2021) – 40.5w x 50.5h x 2d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

SUGAR FIX (2021) – 46w x 46h x4d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

ENDORPHINS I, 8/13 The Brain Series (2021) – 77w x 61h x 4d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

CANDYLAND (2021) – 51w x 61h x 4d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

EUPHORIA (2021) – 46w x 46h x4d cm – Acrylic on Canvas

All images ©  Bridget Bradley


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