Francoise Augustine

Semi-abstract landscapes, the ocean in the background, a ray of sunshine, the breath of the wind, animals… this is my world.

Inspired by my hypersensitivity and by colors derived from nature, I offer to you abstract and figurative works giving way to the interpretation of each one. The acrylic worked with a knife and brush is applied in thin, transparent layers superimposed to offer a result evoking calm and subtlety. The creation of each work is for me an intimate foray into the discovery of what inhabits me and these emotions of the moment. I then explored pastel, charcoal and other mediums, but it was in 2009 in Antonnella FELZINES’ studio that my artistic path was clarified: abstract art and acrylic nudes. It is for me versatility that I choose this medium that allows me to express myself with more freedom. Since then, I have appreciated the infinite possibilities of expression provided by abstract art.

My work is a hymn to the life and beauty of nature and the living being. I consider that our world needs sweetness, tranquility and love, this is what I tend to share through my artistic approach.

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HOTEL DE LA PLAGE, acrylique on canvas 60x60cm, 2600 €

BRASIER, acrylique on canvas 60x60cm, 2000 €

PORT GALLICE, acrylique on canvas 60x60cm, 2800 €

SIAM,  acrylique on canvas 65x50cm, 1900 €

PEYO, acrylique on canvas 65x50cm, 1900 €

SUDAN,  acrylique on canvas 65x50cm, 1900 €

LA FEMME CACHEE  ,acrylique on canvas 65x50cm, 2300 €

LA FEMME AU RUBIS, acrylique on canvas 65x50cm, 2300 €

LES VOILES, acrylique on canvas 65x50cm, 2300 €

MAISON BLEUE, acrylique on canvas 65x50cm, 2300 €

All images © Francoise Augustine


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