Christel Van Hemelrijck

Christel Van Hemelrijck is a self-taught artist, based in Mechelen, Belgium. She had a career as an executive producer in television before she discovered art as a way of expressing herself.

She uses oil painting to present us with her abstract expressionism visions. The island of Crete remains a major source of inspiration, along with her travel experiences. Christel lived in Crete during the nineties and she still spends a lot of time there. Her emotions are expressed through the language of bold colours, with laconic, solid composition and delicate texture mainly on large canvases. Every painting tells a story.

She had several exhibitions in Belgium soon after starting out in 2017. Lately Christel has had the opportunity to present her work in Lisbon, Amsterdam, London, Venice, Madrid, Zurich and Marbella.

Travellers (2020-2021)

Travellers is a new series about life and travels during a pandemic.

The need for connection and interaction with other people is always present. Every painting tells a story about the places Christel Van Hemelrijck travelled to,  about the people she met and especially the ones who left a lasting impression. The light in these paintings represents the promise of freedom, freedom to travel and meet people without any restrictions.

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The Olive Trees, oil on linen,  100x100cm

Travellers, oil on linen, 180×140 cm

24 Cylinders and One Stitch, oil on linen, 160x120cm

Achilleas, oil on linen, 50x50cm

It Took Us 40 Years, oil on linen, 100x100cm

Wenger’s Frequency, oil on linen, 100x100cm

Patricia,  oil on linen, 50x50cm

The Fiddler’s Elbow, oil on linen, 100×130

Enrico, oil on linen, 50×50 cm

Fant, oil on linen, 50×50 cm

All images © Christel Van Hemelrijck


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