Jennifer Esneault

Jennifer Esneault is a conceptual photographic artist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her conceptual work is informed by her own experiences and imagination, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and trauma.  Her subject matter is the quiet inner workings of a human mind, fraught with anxiety, hope, beauty, and connectedness. Through light, shadow and universal symbolism, she tells stories that reside in us all.
When not creating photographic artwork, she spends her time painting abstract and mixed media pieces, and writing poetry and other prose. She is an active member of the Louisiana Photographic Society, serving as its exhibit coordinator and web master. Most often, you can find her at home with her husband and two children.
Artist Statement
Since I was a small child, I have been a teller of stories. A vivid imagination coupled with anxiety and sleep disorders have long fueled my need to express myself through evocative and rich elements of story. The receipt of my first camera at the age of nine stoked that desire to tell my story through images. My images focus on a single subject in a square frame, exploring themes of mental illness and modern femininity. Using advanced compositing techniques and universal symbols, I create surreal images to engage viewers to make their own personal connections to the story.
We are all walking, breathing stories. My art draws out the connections between us all.
Burdens of Eve,  [model: Mackenzie Graham]
Evaporation,  [model: Alicia Allen]
Loosed,  [model: Grace Graugnard]
 Detonation,  [model: Alex Clement Cranfield]
Revealed,  [model: Olivia Varden]
Hydrology,  [model: Mackenzie Graham]
Death by Consumption,  [model: Olivia Varden]
 Suffocation,  [model: Alex Clement Cranfield]
A Small Request,  [model: Mackenzie Graham]
Pull Yourself Together,  [model: Alex Clement Cranfield]

All images © Jennifer Esneault


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