Daniella Bronzi

I’m always inspired by nature, animals, people and ancient cultures. Working freestyle, my creations are full of color and abstract elements.

As for me art is making energy visible. I have also completed the Artacademy in Belgium (5 years painting & 2 years drawing). My paintings are always made from intuition and partly storytelling, inspired by art objects from ancient cultures it is for me primitive and partly abstract art. At the moment I also make experimental works.

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Rihana, oil on linen, 100x100x3 cm

Untitled,  acrylic & oil on linen, 100×100 cm

Mont-blanc, oil on linen, 120x100x3 cm

Black swan, oil on linen, 100x100x3 cm

Flirthy sea, oil & acrylic on linen, 140×120 cm

2 vases on lion rock, oil on linen,  140×120 cm

Mother nature on high heels, oil on linen, 120x100x3 cm

Junky style, oil, charcoal & acrylic on linen, 100×100 cm

We take care of love, oil, silver & gold leaf on linen, 100x100x3 cm

All is within the soul, oil on linen, 100x100x3 cm

All images © Daniella Bronzi


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