Joanne Derecho

Joanne was born and raised in the Philippines, followed her adventurous spirit, and traveled the world working on a cruise ship before settling in Italy with her Italian husband and daughter. She now pursues her love of writing and passion for painting. She finds inspiration in the places she’s been, the people she loves, and the seaside, where she’s lucky enough to live close. Her paintings have bold and bright strokes and thick layers, enabling her to express her thoughts and emotions as if telling a story.  Her works are usually on canvas in acrylic and mixed media, but she likes to dabble with watercolor from time to time.

Artist Statement:

Art is the ultimate and purest expression of the soul. Each of my art is unique because they express my emotions and feelings at a certain period of my life. My process is a combination of spontaneous and technical, creating from my emotions, thoughts and memories to express what I feel. I like to let my imagination go and have fun when I paint. I want people to experience emotions and explore their imagination when they look at my art. 

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Anak: Acrylic, textile and gold leaf on canvas

Castle: Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Fish: Acrylic on canvas

Confusion : Acrylic on canvas

Doodle:  Watercolor on watercolor paper

Johari:  Acrylic on canvas

Ligurian Sea: Acrylic, gold leaf on canvas

Orange : Acrylic on canvas

Sky: Acrylic on canvas

Sunrise: Acrylic on canvas

All images © Joanne Derecho


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