Jonni Ekdahl

I was born in 1962. 

I always liked to paint and create in my younger years, but then life came between me & the creator. After a long hold up until the year of 2017 I found peace and tranquility again to restart my ‘pinsel’. I never went to an art school or received any art education.  I’m an autodidact painter. When I start on a new white paper, I have no clue or plan what it will end up with. 

I like colors and curves with lots of imagination. It usually ends up with a surrealistic theme, which I like, because everything is possible, it is only up to my imagination what it will be. 

I started to show my works at local exhibitions, then went to exhibitions deemed by juries after several of those I received invitations from abroad, so since 2017 I have exhibited at the famous Salon de Automne in Paris France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, USA and Japan. 

People often say that they see my paintings as joyful and spreading joy. 

I can live with that. It is up to the beholder’s eyes what they see, sometimes they see more than I did when I created the piece. 

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Luxeggology, Gouache on Paper, 90 x 60. cm, 2022, Urban city invaded by friendly creatures.

Trip over NYC, Gouache on Paper, 62 x 44. cm, 2019, Sailing trip over the skyline of NYC.

Singing on a leaf, Gouache on Paper, 35 x 60. cm, 2019, The lady sings on a leaf.

Out of the frame, Gouache on Paper, 38 x 60. cm, 2020, My creations will not always fit into the frame, as here they are flooding over.

On the road again, Gouache on Paper, 52 x 42. cm, 2018, Heading towards new discoveries in the mind of imagination.

Land ohoj, Gouache on Paper, 72 x 51 cm, 2018, When sailing into the great land of dreams everything can happen.

Explorers travelling in a bubble, Gouache on Paper,  90 x 60. cm, 2020, Extra ordinary day in the birds meeting.

Deep sea observations, Gouache on Paper, 90 x 60. cm, 2020, At the bottom of the deep sea.

The Birdies & the Lizard, Gouache on Paper, 35 x 60. cm, 2019, Extra ordinary day in the birds meeting.

Whimsy, Gouache on Paper 55×35 cm

All images © Jonni Ekdahl


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