David Fabié

David is a metal sculptor from the south of France, based in Saint-Siffret, a charming village near Uzès, in the Gard.

Born on April 25, 1973, his childhood was immersed in an artistic environment: his mother, a mosaicist and glazier, introduced him very early to the techniques of stained glass and welding.

Self-taught, David naturally explores these techniques, which he perfects in order to make his first works of resin, stained glass and steel.  

Forced to conform to societal normality, David must mute his creative momentum to pursue higher education in electronics and enter the workforce.

He will wait until the end of his forties to fully renew his passion and fully express his creativity in his spare time.

His unexplored talent blossomed and quickly turned into an artistic addiction.  

Drawing inspiration from various sources, touching everything, David makes a decisive encounter, that of concrete iron, which will become the raw material of his works.

Between transparency and light, femininity without veil 

If the woman was told to us by simple concrete irons …

In David’s hands, this trivial material, usually drowned and hidden in concrete, passes from shadow to light to change into delicate and poetic forms.  

Its cold stiffness changes in gentle warmth by the artist’s assembly and shaping work. 

Introduced since his childhood to the technique of stained glass, David naturally regains the nobility of glass by playing with effects of transparency and light to sublimate the feminine beauty.  

The woman in all her facets, in the news, whips her inspiration.

“2069, erotic year” is a futuristic testimony to our sad period of health crisis.

“Short dress” is a sign of support for women who are assaulted or humiliated for a few centimeters of skirt.

 The irons bow reverently under the fire of the blowtorch to unite harmoniously and with finesse in busts of women tattooed, prepared or simply naked.

 David Fabié explores different assembly techniques. The transparency of the stained glass window and its unique treatment of the material make his creations strong and original works.


2- Luminescence

3- Valentine


5- Maryline

9- Déshabillez-moi

10- Corset

6- metal transparency
Metal Transparency

7- short dress
Short Dress

8- 2069 annee érotic
2069 Annee Erotic

All images © David Fabié 


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