Eric Bourdon

Born in 1979 in Lille, in the north of France.

Eric Bourdon is a man with no story to tell, and a sketch artist without technique.

Every day (like every painting) is a new beginning ! For him, improvisation is the only rule of the game, it is at the heart of artistic activity.

Bringing out colorful emotions and folkloric characters from a few lines drawn “without thinking”, is to cultivate graphic creativity at its most basic level.

Scribbler by profession, Eric Bourdon only tries to shed light on the creative wealth of chance and accident, and to reveal their inexhaustible potential when it comes to creating a myriad of creatures… that we would have never thought of !

As Samantha Deman (art critic for Arts Hebdo Medias) said about the French painter :

“His universe is merry and fanciful, the stroke, spontaneous, has a great time on the canvas, virtuoso of the line, curves and arabesques, until the bright and luminous colours burst onto the scene and repossess it.

Eric Bourdon bends kind monsters into shape who glide gracefully among a faun of individuals whose silhouettes are of the most amazing, plump or lanky, always infinitely sympathetic and delighted to come to stimulate our dormant child souls.”

Recently, Eric Bourdon has been the guest of honor for the 10 years of “Free Art”, the annual exhibition of the Achicourt Artists Circle in the North of France. At the end of 2019, he had a solo show at the Galerie FlorDavelia in Toulon, on the French Riviera, and was then selected for the 2020 online exhibition of the historic Salon d’Automne on the Champs-Élysées, Section Myths and Singularity (Art brut / Outsider Art).

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Bird pedicure, 80x80cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

BURNOUT, 80x80cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

Dumb Art, 65x54cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

Love falling from the sky, 100x100cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

LOST, 65x54cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

#SocialRevolution, 73x60cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

Pig-landing in cloudy weather, 73x60cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

Self-portrait, 65x54cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

Sheep of color, 50x50cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

William Vicats buying a luxury Nepalese cement pepper pot at a good price, 73x60cm Acrylic paintings on linen canvas

All images © Eric Bourdon


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