Sasha Neschastnova

Sasha is a contemporary artist. At the moment, she lives and works in Moscow. Sasha was born in 1993 in the city of Voronezh. She participates in various exhibitions and projects. Sasha has a degree in architecture. Her works are in private collections around the world. Sasha collaborates with a Mexican gallery «Hector Diaz».

Sasha always talks about love and this is very important to understand when considering her works. Through art, express basic feelings, ideas and themes that are relevant and important to modern society. War always begins with ourselves. The three main principles that she uses in her work are logic, humor and emotion.

The artist main goal is to show everyday life, something that concerns absolutely everyone in life. Provocative and shocking art that reveals different aspects of life and evokes emotions in everyone. She considers various topics, such as the relationship between men and women, love, everyday life, women in different life situations, but also, she designates the absurdity of many life moments and partly ridicules them. Sasha  never talks about feminism, but she can talks about matriarchy. But she also pays tribute to men in her work. The artist consider everyday life, especially the position of women and men in their relationships, the refutation of established stereotypes, the modern world and its main aspects, as the main influence on people’s lives. Sasha rejects as much as possible any stereotypes of society in her work. It’s like a riot on a ship, we don’t talk about it, but we always think about it.

Neschastnova expresses her ideas through painting, using oil and ink. Canvas and paints are main material. She disproves all the laws of near and far objects in composition, but she always rely on color theory. Sasha does not mix colors on the palette, thereby creating a certain edge, everything in her paintings is on the same plane, creating a separate world of our superficial stereotypical outlook on life. She works with bright and contrasting colors, as with the main perception on the human psyche. The heroes of her paintings do not have faces, because these works are about each person and anyone can render himself there.

Her work is often classified as erotic, but it is not that. Sasha Neschastnova leans towards conceptual art, where the meaning itself prevails over the image. For each collection, she uses analysis and search for material, each topic is supported by real events from the lives of different people. The source of her inspiration is always people. Ordinary life, internal problems of society and the absurdity of all these situations. Sarcasm and deep philosophy, about this base her conclusions.

Her practice is to show the viewer various contemporary issues that relate to his private life. Perhaps the ones he doesn’t even notice. To learn how to enjoy your life and love, you must always start with yourself. That is why her works are so bright and provocative that they excite everyone’s subconsciousness. The psychological impact, through the prism of humor and sarcasm, carries its main meaning, because absolutely everything can be perfect. Sasha rejects the standard ideas about life, about eroticism, about everyday life. Why are people so afraid of this, why are they afraid of themselves? Why are many questions still not valid? She  tries to reflect these and many more questions in my work.


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Women, what are they? Why doesn’t anyone want to understand them? Online and real life stories of building relationships between men and women. What do people have to do with sex, how do they want to imagine it, and what is really hiding behind faked fantasies. How sex can propel your life forward, play on your popularity and career, and also bring you down. The principles of commodity-market relations in modern society. How much room is left in the world for real concepts, feelings and images that are not invented and not corrupt. Now, having an age of modern technology and progress, we see the appearance of a fictional life on the Internet, but what is hidden behind it all. Appearance and “wrapper” in which it plays a major role.

The main goal of the research: Attitude towards the body, appearance and material status. How this directly affects the love relationship between men and women, career, attention and social status.

The main point: to show the other side of real life, what remains behind the scenes. The attitude of women and men towards each other is shown visually with a grain of humor and sarcasm.


date_with_womanDATE WITH WOMAN – Girl: I can’t do this right away – Woman: so where is your vaunted dick? (canvas,oil, ink)


reality“REALITY” – You know that in most cases, life on the Internet and real life are different. Somewhere in the online world, everyone turns out to be princesses. When you write to a woman, do you know how she looks in real life, at home, on the couch? (canvas, oil, ink)


“NOT EVERYTHING IS AS IT SEEMS TO US” – Not all men need sex, some and lying on the couch is not bad. (canvas, oil, ink)


WELCOME TO THE PARTY! – Many people always ask the same question, how to build a real relationship. Which life is real and which is fictional? How to be here and there at the same time and can there be friendship between a woman and a man? (canvas,oil, ink)


NOBODY. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY – The paintings is about messages that women receive on the Internet, Instagram or on dating sites. From different men. And what are these men trying to say? Why are they doing this? Men think that drawing attention to themselves can be done in very strange ways. For example, not clear messages. Or a photograph of your most important organ. Usually, this is the hallmark of this hero. I wonder what men are counting on when they choose this way of attracting attention to themselves. And meeting women. It just looks stupid. Stupid is the best definition there could be. (canvas,oil,ink)


“STRONG AND INDEPENDENT AT THE PARTY” – Women who get a full buzz from life without stereotypes, norms and prejudices. A party where everyone is beautiful in their own way, without standards. Women who can be who they want, look how they want and do what they want without judgment. After all, as you may have noticed, in life on the Internet every woman will find her own condemning and discussing her appearance, way and lifestyle. People want to see a “beautiful picture”, a certain standard, a clear prototype of an “ideal” life. Everyone wants to see a certain image, despite the struggle for freedom in this world. Nobody is interested in real cellulite on a woman’s ass. (canvas, oil,ink)


I DIDN’T INVITE YOU – When you just wanted to have a little fun, and he is already carrying his bag of underpants and socks to your sacred temple with cats. Oh, those sly men who are trying to mark the territory with their bags of things. Actually, nobody invited you here. (canvas,oil, ink).


“SHE’S VERY BUSY AGAIN TODAY” – Men persistently write messages to women and count on something when a woman is already busy with someone. Because on the Internet we can create a completely different life for ourselves, completely different from the real life. Any game without uniform rules. If you do a lot for a woman, counting on further relationships, and she uses everything and still does not sleep with you, then … It means that this place is already occupied by someone. (canvas,oil, ink)


“I AM SEXY AND I KNOW IT” – Life is needed in order to enjoy it. Be who you are. Real, without imposed opinions and stereotypes. Many people often begin to think that they are not doing well somewhere. As if everyone around already has these invented living standards, and you are still not like that. But have you ever wondered why the hell do you want everything the same as everyone else? (paper, oil, ink)


“GOOD MORNING, MY DEAR!” – Online romance and reality that gets lost and mixed somewhere half way. But no matter how we represent ourselves, we always remain who we are. “Good morning, my dear! Now I look at your photos and smile. ” Which is better, an inconvenient truth or a nice lie? (paper,oil, ink)


All images © Sasha Neschastnova


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