Floriane Gorzkowska 

Floriane lives in France. 

My painting is a work in motion, an attempt, a search. A work between abstraction and figuration. 

A journey between the earth and the breath of the wind. A journey between what is rooted and what is about to fly, what is fading away, disappearing. Something between what is visible and invisible, between what is hiding, could be imagined, is foreseen, is bursting, is unveiled. 

A journey between harmony and chaos, between dawn and twilight. A journey at the core of the blue, of bruises, of the earth, of the sea and the sky. Between what is infinitely small and what is infinitely large, between delicacy and robustness. A dance, a round dance that never ceases to take me beyond myself.

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Autoportrait – Fille des arbres 1 : Acrylique, encre, collage de papier kraft, préalablement peint à l’huile

La nature est un temple – Au clair de la lune : Acrylique sur carton 50/50

La nature est un temple – L’arbre foudroyé : Acrylique et encre sur papier 20/20

La nature est un temple – 4 décembre 2021 : Acrylique sur papier 20/20

Autoportrait – Fille des arbres 2 : Acrylique et encre sur papier 10/15

La nature est un temple – L’averse : Huile sur toile 44/33

Haiku – L’or de la terre : Acrylique et encre sur papier 15/21

Haiku – Silence d’après-midi : Acrylique, encre et collage de papier Kraft préalablement peint à l’huile. 20/30

Haiku – Barque et rivage : Pastel à l’huile 21/23

Autoportrait – Autoportrait à la source : Huile et encre sur papier Kraft marouflé 73/60

All images © Floriane Gorzkowska


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