Gille Monte Ruici

I’m a French craftsman, situated in Paris, I assemble figures, basically robots, only utilizing reused scrap metal parts. I discover my materials in junk jars, on the road, or in recycled exchanges. My methodology gives these pieces a subsequent life and repurposes them. I create and make unordinary developments. Every one of the gatherings are finished with screws or fasteners. Metal is perfect, I love the material, simple to work with specific reflections, diversely patinated, which fit effectively. Why metal? Since an ever increasing number of results of our day by day life are made of plastic, these arrays really use objects from a previous period that imprint our recollections, that support a slight sentimentality.

My methodology comprises giving piece metal parts a subsequent life by redirecting them from their unique occupation. Every accomplishment produced using what others see as waste is remarkable. Demonstrate that squander, things bound for the trash, can be reused and become one of a kind aesthetic articles. Regularly for the robots, I find a crate, a flame douser, a toaster, a vacuum, an electric case… which will end up being the body, and after, I need to discover what can make different parts. Either the last vision is quick, or the possibility of the potential must develop and will rise later on. And as pieces are special, I can never duplicate a robot indistinguishably. The exhibition comprises making, each time with totally various materials, various bots.

I cherish amassing robots for their vintage appearance, and their horrible and attacking look. With a little creative mind, any component can fit into the get together.



Recycled Robot #2

Recycled Robot Black

Robot Atomelec

Robot Instruction

Recycled Tins Robots

Recycled Robot Pixel

Recycled Robot Marshal

Recycled Robot

Recycled Robot #1

All images © Gille Monte Ruici


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