Igor Grechanyk

Igor was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Raised in an artistic family, he has been passionate about art and drawing from early childhood. He attended the Republican Art School, graduating in 1978, and the State Art Institute in Kiev, graduating in 1984.

Igor Grechanyk’s   acclaimed sculptures have earned him an honored position as one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Numerous international exhibitions of his works have met with tremendous success. His style is familiar in artistic circles; to collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts worldwide.

Grechanyk’s genius lies in his ability to give form to the abstruse. His works seek to map the collective unconscious, drawing inspiration from esoteric doctrines and ancient mythology. The artist brings forth inner, mystical elements of his creatures. His multifaceted images demonstrate a profound level of artistic skill.

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Inner Vision, bronze sculpture

Laurel Wreath, bronze sculpture

Other Side, bronze sculpture

Leonardo on Leo, bronze sculpture

Pilgrim, bronze sculpture

Sail, bronze sculpture

Tactile Sensation of the Insuperanle Space, bronze sculpture

House of my Soul, bronze sculpture

Cyclical Nature of Metaphysical Transformation, bronze sculpture

Labyrinth, bronze sculpture

All images © Igor Grechanyk


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