Konrád Biró

Konrád Biró was born in 1967 in Miskolc, Hungary. His relationship with art and creation started to develop in his childhood, as he learned to draw and paint with watercolor technique from his father, who was also an artist.

His first exhibition took place in Miskolc, Hungary, (1996), and was really successful. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Budapest, Miskolc and many other cities of Hungary, but also in Austria and Croatia. He is one of the founding members of the Holló László artists’ colony in Tiszada, Hungary, and regularly invited to other artists’ colonies as well. He received high honors in his homeland in 2018 Fine Arts Award Béla Kondor.

His works can be found in many galleries across the country.

In the past years he had several private students. He is teaching art, painting and several techniques at his own courses in Miskolc, Hungary, which are very successful and increasingly popular.

His paintings and creations reached collectors from Japan to the US.

He is a versatile artist, as watercolor, pastel, and oil paintings are equally important for him to express his art, feelings and thoughts. His art style is based on traditions, combined with dynamic, temperamental brushwork and unique technical solutions.

He prefers to draw and paint at the same time; he is convinced that without drawing-knowledge the great works cannot be painted and created. His art is not one-sided, rather „fluid”, it is hard to define, due to the fact that he uses a lot of themes, draws inspiration from several sources and uses numerous techniques in his works of art.

In addition to the beauties of the visible world, he is also interested in a slightly abstract, surreal way of seeing his subconscious existence paired with his book reading experiences. Manifestations of the soul, quiet beauty, when the colors of a tree or a detail of a face shine under the influence of the influx of light, that is what really moves his artistic self and catches his attention.

His major themes are the secrets of the female soul and beauty, the chessboard and the game as a living space, divided and condensed into black and white fields, or his own interpretations of Don Quixote’s visions. Of course as an impressionist painter – fundamentally he is – the admiration of nature always played an enormous role in his art as well.

His newest monochromatic works reflect his interest in the new, abstract-surreal-impressionism.


Microcosm ,70×70 cm oil canvas

Explosion, 40×50 cm oil canvas

Water lilies 49×40 cm, acrylic oil canvas

Autumn foliage, 50×60 cm , oil canvas

Sunlight ,50 x100 cm oil canvas

Dance, 40×30 cm oil canvas

Hazy sea ship 90×73 cm oil canvas

Heavenly waterfall ,70×50 cm oil canvas

Flying Dutchman, 70×50 cm, oil on black canvas

Male portrait , 80×60 cm , oil canvas

All images © Konrád Biró


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