Iveta Albrechtová Dučáková

Iveta graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague; her graduate work “Figurines” is today in the collections of the National Gallery.

After a short engagement in an advertising agency, she devotes herself to her own artistic activities and graphic design. In her artistic works, she uses the whole spectrum of artistic possibilities, from painting through drawing, photography, collage, and in the last two years she has also focused on objects. She mainly focuses on figural painting. She presents the results of her artistic footprint in individual and collective exhibitions.

Web: http://ivetaducak.com/

C -Time, 90x100cm, Acrylic
E – Comunication, 90x100cm, Acrylic
T – Heaviness, 90x100cm, Acrylic
R – Virtual Reality, 90x100cm, Acrylic
U – Release, 90x100cm, Acrylic
P – Help, 90x100cm, Acrylic
O – Destiny, 90x100cm, Acrylic
W – Workshop, 90x100cm, Acrylic
Y – Yen, 90x100cm, Acrylic
Z – Mystery, 90x100cm, Acrylic

All images © Iveta Albrechtová Dučáková



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