Janice Scott

I was born in Yorkshire but have spent the great majority of my adult life in South Africa. I am now based in a small town in South Norfolk, UK, where I have been since December 2012. I don’t intend to move away from here anytime soon. Norfolk is beautiful.

I have always been fascinated with the process of making a painting, the technicality of it, the nature of a painting’s surface and how texture is created.  I used to think that I worked primarily with acrylics but I have expanded my repertoire and work with a variety of medium, ranging from soft pastels to encaustic wax paint. The process of making a painting is what’s important to me and I’m constantly on the look-out for a new material or tool to experiment with.  As a result my work tends to flitter about between straight forward abstract landscape compositions to weird flowery things that have been requested by my patrons.

I am currently studying towards a BA (Hons) Painting through the Open University (University for the Creative Arts).

My website:   www.janiceheatherscott.com

Sunset Seascape, Soft Pastels
Poppies, Soft Pastels
Flowers in round vase red, Mixed Media
Coral, Mixed Media
Glenfinnan Monument, Soft Pastels
Norway Fjord, Soft Pastels
Red Kite, Soft Pastels
Sunrise, Oils
Boadicca’s Tree, Mixed Media

All images © Janice Scott



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