Jean-Claude Nicolaï

Jean-Claude NICOLAI was born in Liege (Belgium) in 1950. Winner of many awards, he is a painter and a photographer (alternative photo processes).

Jean-Claude is a “creator of images” who, by his personality, his sensitivity (Carpe diem) and the mastery of the plastic processes acquired over the years make him an internationally recognized artist and strongly appreciated by his public. 

His work is a look at urban megacities, crossroads of civilizations, cultures and our knowledge. Whatever the subject, Jean-Claude pushes his public to come back for a moment to the pivotal values of our lives; these values that should be shared by everyone.

Jean-Claude reflection and his artistic approach allows him to execute contemporary, abstract and figurative works: drawings, oil on canvas, alternative photos, multimedia performances, events, videos …

He considers himself a Painter but also a Storyteller, either he paints on canvas or works with ink on paper. The style he uses is reminiscent of “storms of color”. The most recent works of Jean-Claude have a realistic character and are mostly situated in the figurative field (and in lyrical abstraction).

You will find in the great majority of his works the feeling that it is good to live; he has the wise candor (and sometimes an ironic vision) to believe that the natural and artistic beauty can coincide.

The artist rejects the philosophy of unhappiness and mediocrity: these are the basic parameters underlying his creative and artistic communication. 

His oil paintings, drawings and watercolors all have an expressionist tendency.

Expressionism in the rough, sometimes wild touch; Expressionism in the often saturated, “unwanted” colors.  Jean-Claude uses almost all the basic techniques of painting (with a predilection for oil on canvas), as well as a great variety of formats.

Each work has a title that allows for easier reading, understanding and reflection.

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Knokke 2,  Oil on canvas , 40×50 cm

Knokke 3,  Oil on canvas , 40×50 cm

Freud 4 , Oil on canvas , 50×70 cm

Freud 2 , Oil on canvas , 50×70 cm

Knokke 1, Oil on canvas , 40×50 cm

Festive Meal 2, Oil on canvas , 60×80 cm

Freud 3 , Oil on canvas , 50×70 cm

Freud 1 , Oil on canvas , 50×70 cm

Fusion 4, Oil on canvas , 40×40 cm

Storm 3, Oil on canvas, 50×70 cm

All images © Jean-Claude Nicolaï


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