John Dickinson

I am an artist and songwriter living in Ceredigion, Wales. I draw with color pencils, and I create sculptures out of wood. When I discovered it in the log pile in Spain, I started working with olive wood, but I have been collecting local wood since I returned to the UK, for when my olive supply runs out.

The series of drawings that I am working on currently are based on simplified dancing figures. To paraphrase Klee, I take my pencils for walks across the page. Apart from the initial figure I set out without knowing where the drawing will go or if it will be successful from my point of view. All my work is intuitive.

I try to create natural forms in my sculptures so that they will suggest many things. Often different things to different people, though there are exceptions. Although my sculpture is abstract, I do not resist when a work moves towards something more figurative. For instance, when a figure or hand should appear. I sometimes start with a log, for me a blank canvas, and my challenge is to make it interesting. Another time I might start with a piece of wood that already has an interesting feature, and then my challenge is to extend that interest by adding more. I use a turntable, which I made from an abandoned wheelchair, to consider my work from all angles as I attempt to create interest from all angles. I hope my work will stir your imagination.

My works don’t really have titles, but it is more practical for them to have them so after completion I, with help from my partner, choose something. With the sculptures we both study them from various angles and choose something that seems to fit the mood of the piece. With the drawings my partner suggested that I should use lines from my songs and that is what I have done. If a buyer doesn’t feel that the title is suitable, I am quite happy for them to change it.

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‘Dancers’ Drawings – Acid Free A4 Cartridge Paper

Dancers 26: On the first day who said “Let’s go?”

Dancers 27: I belong to me- how else could it be?

Dancers 28: Some things seem to stay the same but they can be subtle those changes.

Dancers 22: Each piece is a puzzle until it’s place can be found.

Dancers 29: Silence can say so much that words cannot contain.

Dancers 30: Let’s give thanks to Thingie wherever he she is.

Sculptures – Olive Wood

Coming Together 46 x22 x15cm

Nurture 30 x29 x26cm

Poise 45 x22 x16cm

Taking Flight 40 x16 x13cm

All images © John Dickinson


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