Nadine Hardy #1

Nadine likes to draw a parallel between her life, which can be summarized as a brief transition, and the production of her successive artworks. She aims to strike and move her audience whilst creating beauty. This compulsive, obsessive and repetitive search ends in a conversation in the present moment that is destined to disappear. The expression in her paintings then appears autonomously.

Pictorial abstraction and a quest for aesthetics

With a master’s degree in history, and experience in both art and art history, Nadine Hardy is now a full-time painter. Every experience adds a new dimension to her paintings which contain an echo of her exposure to art.

One common characteristic is linearity. Without pigeonholing herself, she has turned to abstract art as a means of expression. Inspired by the world around her, the painter’s artistic approach can be summed up in the explanation that “the artist paints and the observer creates.”

Examining our emotions: Nadine Hardy’s desire

Hardy works with acrylic on wood using a plastic card or brush. The bright, powerful color makes her work easier to understand, read, translate and unpack. It stands as a link and point of reference between what is seen and what is felt through her personal experience, cultural roots and environment.

The aim is neither to guide emotions nor to suggest but instead to explore the feelings that drive her and lead to creation. For this reason, she is greatly inspired by abstract painting and the use of acrylic paint, which help provide a language for the creative process. This language is visual, represented by shapes, colors and lines. It is a never-ending transition between technique and the unsaid. A contraction of reality or an intellectual and artistic connection.


Abstraction 22-6, 2022, acrylic on wood, 120×80 cm.
Work inspired by a mineral universe and conceived as a jewel, true expression of the artist.

Untitled 1-22, 2022, acrylic on wood, 80×40 cm. Nadine works to invent a language of emotion. She represents reality through the freedom of the touch and the use of color. It is a representation of forms and colors for themselves.

”The Alphabet, 2021, acrylic on wood, 100×73 cm. The iridescent colors play the score until the surface vibrates.

Presence XX-XX, 2020, 119×89 cm. This composition is part of the “lumino-cinetism” in the sense that the play of lights and the luminous reflections invite the spectator to take a role in the creation of the work. It becomes the content of the composition. It is free: its perception defines the composition. The latter is now inscribed in the spectator’s space.

Flux Lumineux, 2019, acrylic on wood, 100×100 cm. Light reflections: mirror effect leaves, gold, silver and metallic colors (copper, bronze…).

“Instant II”, 2021, acrylic on wood, 65×100 cm. Often confined to her studio and thus limited to her inner journeys, Nadine Hardy has remained very attached to the idea of escape, of a departure to better know and renew herself. Faced with the exposure to the colors of a landscape, the changing weather conditions and the architectural environment, the viewer feels penetrated by the contemplative force. The beauty of nature allows the artist to reflect on a space that privileges emptiness and fullness as well as non-color. His energy and gestures slow down to become nothingness and silence in the face of passing time. The possibility of expressing an incarnation of the being or of nature through the elementary form painted (a point, a line, a curve) bursts forth.

Abstraction art no 21, 80×40 cm, 2021, acrylic on wood.
Nadine’s paintings are related to the kinetic movement, which is based on art and optical effects through color. Her work is accentuated by particular colors: iridescent or metallic. She wants the movement of her paintings to shine and live with the color.

Informel III, 2022, 81×102 cm, acrylic painting on pvc canvas. In her research, kinetic constructions and geometric paintings, Nadine Hardy explores the relationship of space (positive/negative) by considering the effects of form, color and balance and evoking simultaneous feelings of dynamism and joy.

Abstraction 11-19, 2019, 146×114 cm, acrylic painting on wood. The artist paints and the viewer creates.

Presence et Harmonie II, 2021, acrylic painting on wood, 76×106 cm. I wish that the observer, visual witness attends a spectacle so that he discovers with each glance different aspects and that the work ends up enveloping him. The viewer is absorbed and becomes one with the surrounding space. Faced with the work, only the viewer’s inner space is revealed to him. Everything depends on his imagination, leaving his sensory approach free. The silhouettes are free figurations. They can represent people, passers-by… whoever is looking. They are formed of traces of several layers of paint like a skin. Between order and disorder, I thought about the idea of a movement shaped by a passage of lines and colors. The simple rhythms characterized by vertical lines or intertwined geometric shapes, silhouettes taking shape announce a passage like a parade. The illusion of movement is generated by the contrast of colors and the play of shapes. The artist leads the eye to see the image moving. The combination of bright colors (red, orange, pink) and large areas of paint create a dynamism and an essence of optimism.

All images © Nadine Hardy


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