Josta Keil

Josta is a professional figurative oil painter.  She was born in Germany,  lived in Zürich and Hong Kong.  Josta received her artistic education at the Free Art Academy in Obernjesa and pursued a master degree in economics.

Her work is focused on the expression of her figures, based on intensive preparatory work with her muse or models. She primarily shows her figures in detached from conscious thinking and actions. The figure is situated in a moment of pure being, lost in thought, unaffected and completely within their feeling.

“I want to capture the intensity of a fleeting moment or expression.”

Her art with its distinctive eyes is known for its persistence in following the observers’ view.  From every angle you look at the painting, the eyes of the characters follow you and never let you out of sight.

In the last years her impulsion to tell stories around her figures emerged more and more.

“In my experience, those who view my paintings feel the characters very individually and absorb and interpret the stories around the figures differently. This large emotional spectrum is very exciting for me because the various perceptions and interpretations say a lot in turn about the viewer himself or herself.”

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Woman with a white bird
70×60 cm, oil on canvas



The demons
180×140 cm, oil on canvas


Woman with a dog
120×100 cm, oil on canvas


The girl and the fish
140×180 cm, oil on canvas


The girl with the tattoos
80×100 cm, oil on canvas


La fille avec le plumeau
80×110 cm, oil on canvas


Dans la Confiserie
100×140 cm, oil on canvas


160×120 cm, oil on canvas


Woman in front of the opera
140×100 cm, oil on canvas


The trip
100×60 cm, oil on canvas


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