Juliet Hillbrand

My name is Juliet and I paint the beauty of the world around me. Adding color and dimension to something that needs new life, I am inspired by nature and it’s many forms.

Able to create in any style with various mediums, I embrace experimentation and exploration of my craft. I’ve been honored by numerous publications, interviews, and being named in “Top Artists of 2019.” I am intrigued by the world, humans, and engaging with the unique qualities that we tend to ignore in our every-day poetic moments.

Experimenting with resin, acrylic, pencil, gouache, charcoal, oil paint, watercolor, fabrics, and other unique textiles – I create embodiment’s of the natural world. Whether it be the form of a woman, the aerial view of the earth, or an abstract form that resembles a memory – everything is inspired by nature.

Commissions are open from February to April, please email me at juliethillbrand@gmail.com to explore your vision.

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The Election Day Groove – Resin


Sand Dune Ocean – Resin


Cosmic Coaster – Closeup of Resin Detail 2020


Guitar – Resin – Coated Davidson Guitar


Idalia, I See The Sun – Acrylic


Iris – The Goddess of Growth – Mixed Media,
Prints Available, Original Not For Sale


Neverland – SOLD, Resin


Trance – Resin and Acrylic Mixed Media


French Sunrise – Watercolor on Paper, SOLD

All images © Juliet Hillbrand



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