Kate Taylor

I live and paint on Guemes Island, Washington, a small island in the Pacific Northwest. I am retired from a career as a freelance graphic artist, but my first love has always been painting. For both my degrees I used all my electives on art classes where I focused on ceramics, ink drawing, and painting. In later years I worked with and learned from digital and print artists. I took private lessons from several painters whose work spoke to me. This method of learning allowed me to develop my own style and vision without the pressure to succeed as an artist.

Many of my paintings are abstracts with interconnecting shapes, colors, and reflections to show everything is connected not only to the elements that surround them, but to us as well. I work patterns into my paintings as part of a larger whole. The buildings in my cityscapes pick up color from the sky, the plants, and from their own reflections in the water. Everything is revealed as connected to everything else.

I also paint stark and impressionistic emotive art in black, white, and gray. The darkness in these paintings is the darkness in the mentally and emotionally fragile. I want people to feel the darkness so they can develop a deeper understanding of their fellow humans in turmoil. In some I add a bit of color to signify hope, because without hope we are doomed.

I paint nature as an abstract emotion. I give you the impression of a walk in the woods so you can experience it from the inside out rather than get caught up in the visual constraints.

As an artist in these divided times, I feel a spiritual and moral obligation to remind others how we are all connected, how we are all pieces of one whole. I have hope we can begin to understand through art and other creative doorways, that our divisions are not as solid as they seem.

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EMOTIONAL FIREWORKS, acrylic on canvas panel

REFLECTIONS, acrylic on canvas panel

ORGASM, acrylic on stretched canvas

ON THE WATERFRONT, acrylic on stretched canvas

CAT IN THE WINDOW, acrylic on stretched canvas

MELANCHOLIA, acrylic on canvas panel

HOPE, acrylic on stretched canvas

ROAD LESS TRAVELED, acrylic on canvas panel

PLUM FOREST, acrylic on canvas panel

PASSION, acrylic on stretched canvas

All images © Kate Taylor


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