Kathie Chicoine

I’ve lived in the Chicago suburbs for many years; I’ve lived in the Midwest-which is my favorite part of the country- for all  my life.
I’ve always been interested in art and especially inspired by color, texture, and shapes, but in my younger years, I worked as a nurse manager on Alzheimer units for a long while. When I retired, my husband gave me a digital camera for Christmas and that opened up a whole new interest that involved  nature, color, imagination and creativity. In the process I  discovered that I  had a talent that I hadn’t realized I’d possessed..

I love taking photographs of nature – especially flowers. I’m often in the forest preserves and parks surrounding Chicago and at the botanic gardens clicking away. I started taking photos of nature primarily, but in the past couple of years, I’ve become fascinated with creating totally new images through the technique of editing my original photographs. I frequently start by layering several of them. Then I experiment with various editing tools, filters and textures, until I create an image that is most appealing to me. Sometimes I simply use a filter and texture to give the photograph a softer look… for instance, giving it the look of an oil painting. My photographic art is based on my original photographs. There are several image editors that I enjoy experimenting with to see what unique images I can create. My current favorites are Zoner, Gimp and Paint.Net. I use an inexpensive Canon point and shoot camera for the majority of my photographs.

A new interest involves creating fun, joyful images directly from the computer. My digital art frequently has a whimsical, childlike quality to it. There’s a loose, free feel to the images because I use my non-dominant hand when painting them. My digital art originates from my computer drawings and my imagination. I’m a self-taught artist; constantly looking for new ways to express my creativity. I’ve discovered through my photography that creating art brings me joy and I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I love. I hope my artwork will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

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Flowers (Taking Artistic License)

Bleeding Heart

Peeling Back the Layers

Rose-tipped Dahlias

Pink Posies



Inner Life

Curled Iris

Chocolate Center

Cactus Flower

All images © Kathie Chicoine


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