Anna Beltrame

I was born in 1999 and I live in Italy.

I’m interested in design and art in all its forms.
In the field of design I learned to appreciate simple materials, especially wood and metals. I created some jewels and design objects at school, such as lamps, clocks, wooden boxes, desk trays, outdoor furniture, etc.

I attended the “Giovanni Sello” Artistic High School in Udine, with Industrial Design address (2013-2018).
Currently I attend the faculty of “Cultural Heritage, with historical-artistic address”, at “the University of Udine”.

These are artistic sculptures in solid oak wood and metal effect paint; oil finish. They are objects that create a unique atmosphere in the environment in which are located and, if illuminated, create suggestive shadows. In their forms the works follow the original structures of the wooden planks from which they were obtained and the sculptures are unique pieces.

Brand A + D art


I won the second national prize in the pictorial competition “A poster for Peace”, promoted by the Lions Club (2012)


I won a design competition that allowed me to exhibit one of my projects (a table lamp) at the furniture fair “Dentrocasa EXPO” of Brescia 2019.



Forme con cubo

Forme con cubo – 2

Imperfect World

Voglia di volare

Industrial Dolmen-67


Dolmen Tower-96

Dolmen Tower-84

Dolmen Tower-93

All images © Anna Beltrame


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