Luba Holland

Luba Holland is a contemporary artist based in Munich. In her work, Luba engages in investigation and interpretation of deep moral or spiritual values, such as life, love, virtue, justice, the creative world of a person, freedom, creativity, unity with primal roots, nature and fragility of its existence.

Multi-cultural upbringing is reflected in Luba’s choice of imagery. Realistic images are combined with elaborated ornaments, patterns, and abstract techniques. In Luba’s work, the heroines of folk tales from different cultures are often reincarnated as our contemporaries, bringing with them age-old wisdom, winged freedom, or sadness for lost values.

“In my art I try to depict things that exist beyond physical tangible substances. Being a professional interior architect, I transfer my passion for inner space balance into my art.   What become important is feelings, emotions, mood of a person or an animal. In my imagination I travel around the world of absolutely untamed emotions, whether calm or hysterical, but sincere, trying to give them physical expression through shapes and colors.
Profound motivation is in creating connections with the viewers, these connections become important and potentially significant for both parties. Like donors’ blood, my artwork “saves” the viewers. Infusing with emotions, it reminds them of the human ability to feel. As a donor of emotion, I am being revitalized myself through this process again and again with each artwork. Cultivating beauty and creativity is part of my essence. “

From 2006 Luba lives and works as an artist and a freelance art and drawing teacher in Munich (Germany).

Luba has participated in numerous international exhibitions and competitions.

Lots of her paintings have found new homes in private and museum collections in Germany, Russia, South Korea, England, and Australia.


Acrylic Paints/Inks

Luba Holland-Vivaldi.Storm 50x50 cm
Vivaldi. Storm 50×50 cm

Luba Holland-Sonnet141 50x50 cm
Sonnet 141 50×50 cm

Luba Holland-Lavender sleep 50x50 cm
Lavander Sleep 50×50 cm

Luba Holland-Alkonost 80x80cm
Alkonost 80×80 cm

Luba Holland-Into the light 80x80 cm
Into the light 80×80 cm

Luba Holland - Ballet 80x80 cm
Ballet. 80×80 cm

Luba Holland - The Wild. 60x80cm.
The Wild 60×80 cm

Luba Holland-Blue bird, captured and domesticated 50x50 cm
Blue bird, captured and domesticated 50×50 cm

Luba Holland-Flora 100x150cm
Flora 100×150 cm

Luba Holland - Elements 50x50 cm
Elements 50×50 cm

All images © Luba Holland


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7 thoughts on “Luba Holland

  1. Amazing fun images, Luba! I think Sonnet 141 and Lavender Sleep were my favs, but all were interesting, plus who couldn’t smile at Elements 😊

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments! I am touched deeply by such warm welcome into NoMiddleman community. It means a lot! Luba Holland

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