Nadine Hardy #2

Nadine likes to draw a parallel between her life, which can be summarized as a brief transition, and the production of her successive artworks. She aims to strike and move her audience whilst creating beauty. This compulsive, obsessive and repetitive search ends in a conversation in the present moment that is destined to disappear. The expression in her paintings then appears autonomously.

Pictorial abstraction and a quest for aesthetics

With a master’s degree in history, and experience in both art and art history, Nadine Hardy is now a full-time painter. Every experience adds a new dimension to her paintings which contain an echo of her exposure to art.

One common characteristic is linearity. Without pigeonholing herself, she has turned to abstract art as a means of expression. Inspired by the world around her, the painter’s artistic approach can be summed up in the explanation that “the artist paints and the observer creates.”

Examining our emotions: Nadine Hardy’s desire

Hardy works with acrylic on wood using a plastic card or brush. The bright, powerful color makes her work easier to understand, read, translate and unpack. It stands as a link and point of reference between what is seen and what is felt through her personal experience, cultural roots and environment.

The aim is neither to guide emotions nor to suggest but instead to explore the feelings that drive her and lead to creation. For this reason, she is greatly inspired by abstract painting and the use of acrylic paint, which help provide a language for the creative process. This language is visual, represented by shapes, colors and lines. It is a never-ending transition between technique and the unsaid. A contraction of reality or an intellectual and artistic connection.


« Blue 1-23 », acrylic on wood, 80×100 cm, 2023. France. In the “Blue” series, Nadine Hardy creates landscapes that simultaneously evoke the mountain and the sea, the sky and the ocean. Thanks to the color blue associated with metallic colors, the patterns repeat and shift. The artist develops a system of abstraction, based on the progressive de-figuration of natural motifs and their simplification. She tries to subtly touch the figurative. Her work questions form and color through an abstract approach.

« Freedom II », 2022, 120×80 cm, acrylic on wood, France. Nadine Hardy’s work sometimes seems abstract, sometimes the reflection of movements, evocative shapes, light and colors. The work of the artist is to create unexpected and surprising associations. Art gives the opportunity to see one thing and then another. It allows spectators to dream and travel.

« La Cène II », 2022, acrylic wood, , 89×116 cm. France. Nadine Hardy’s objective is clear: to get the collector’s attention by looking away from what is familiar to us. Here the reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is indirect. It is perceptible, not by the characters but by the architectural framework and the perspective. By using the universality of the Last Supper, she suggests the universality of both her art and contemporary art.

« Sans titre 23 », 100×79 cm, acrylic on wood, 2023. France. Nadine Hardy turns to abstraction, working on the form, its transformation and its displacement. As a true plastic artist, she explores the line, the colors both bright and soft and brings out the imaginary freedom through a series of transformations of forms.

« An abstract figure, Rio de Janeiro », 2021, 116×89 cm, acrylic on wood. France. The symbol of Rio and the symbolism of colors: Nadine Hardy represents movement in her work through shapes and the repetition of certain colors. She wants to take us on a journey by creating the illusion of a movement that has kinetic energy, thus moving the viewer.

« Présence V-20 », 100×50 cm, 2020, acrylic on wood, France. Nadine Hardy invites the viewer to take a role in the creation of the work. His perception defines the composition.

« Présence 4-21 », 2021, 80×40 cm, Acrylic on wood. France. Abstract or semi-figurative, Nadine Hardy’s painting leads the viewer to see beyond representation. She wishes to live in silence and solitude in particular by the presence of this loving couple occupying all the space. The use of multiple golden and silver hues creates a bright story. These layered shades add strength to the work.

« Abstraction 01-23 », acrylic on wood, 2023, 80×40 cm. France. Nadine Hardy’s artistic production unfolds in shapes, lines, and colored patterns, combining geometric rigor and the impression of movement, thus breaking any monotony.

« Presence 23 », 150×240 cm (Work consisting of 2 panels of 150 cm (height) by 120 cm (width), acrylic on wood, 2023. France. Harmonious beauty resulting from a happy, balanced arrangement of lines, shapes and colors. Nadine Hardy paints with acrylic and pure pigments abstract compositions abounding in colors. From her color combinations emerge geometric shapes, small details that will then guide her hand. The artist wishes to reinvent the idea of space and limits with the aim of creating another vision of aesthetics.

« Rencontres », 2014, acrylic on wood, 122×109 cm. France. The spontaneity of movement and the intervention of colors reveal lights, reflections and perhaps silhouettes. Idea of a luminous and fluctuating passage.

All images © Nadine Hardy


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